Geneen Georgiev

Artistic Director

Owner, CoreDance Productions

Geneen was raised on Gabriola Island, where she started her career as a classically-trained ballet dancer and competitive gymnast. From a young age, she understood the value dance has to positively shape individuals and communities. Her extensive background working as a performer and director in film, music videos, corporate events, and live shows including large-scale productions in Vancouver through, has cultivated in Geneen a passion for the arts. Now that she is in a role to reach out, give back, and promote dance in both urban and rural settings, Geneen has done so by creating a professional dance program, TDI, and a professionally-run biannual workshop and competition for youth, CoreDance. The main objective of CoreDance is to connect dance professionals and adjudicators with young dancers during the entire process of preparing for a performance, not only the final competition component. Geneen’s goal is for communities to embrace dance and performers.

Instructor and Adjudicator

Geneen is renowned for her ability to fill classes and maintain a strong clientele retention rate. She works to inspire others while providing valuable and personalized feedback. Her classes are highly energetic and she strives for students to understand the purpose of their movements and explore the full potential of their bodies. She dedicates herself to keeping up with current practices in dance, and in turn, serves as a role model to her students showing them how important it is to stay in tune with the ever-evolving dance industry.
Geneen’s years of experience teaching and training in many different dance styles worldwide makes her a sought-after adjudicator for competitions and festivals. She cares about the future of the dance industry and the growth of today’s students, so it is important to her that she provides constructive and inspiring feedback to support them in developing their craft. For Geneen, dance is a way for all to express, to emote, and to release feelings and ideas that brings audiences together.