Jojo Zolina

An extraordinarily eclectic freestyle dancer and choreographer, Jojo the “Kinetic Philosopher” Zolina, is greatly respected for his work in the dance community worldwide. He was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Canada in 1992 and has been dancing since he was born (his mother told him he was dancing in her womb). He has traveled to research and work with originators and pioneers of Hip Hop dance such as the Electric Boogaloos LA (est.1972), Rock Steady Crew NYC (est.1977), Mop Top Crew NYC (est.1990) and Dance Fusion NYC (est. 1996). Learning from the originators made Jojo realize that there are not many messengers to pass along the true essence of Hip Hop culture. He melds a diverse fusion of dance styles like traditional ethnic folk dance, hip hop, funk styles, vogueing, waacking, house, reggaeton, dancehall, contemporary and salsa. Jojo has been a phenomenal collaborator with local talent and well-known international choreographers. His resume includes performances with such musical talents as Nelly Furtado, K-OS, Swollen Members, Michael Buble, Cory Lee and Illa Brown as well, opening for artists Mos Def, The Rootss and Dogg Pound. Movie and TV credits include Dr. Doolittle 3, Catwoman, Reefer Madness, Goodbye Girl, Hard Corp, Eureka, Bratz Dolls, Verizon, Blue Cross and Kyocera. As an Artist, his talents have taken him beyond Vancouver, sharing their knowledge and skills in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Australia, England, the Philippines, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. Jojo will be touring this year with Over The Influence (OTI) for “Hip Hop Is…” a show written, choreographed, directed and co-produced by Jojo. He will also be working along side Morganic (Australia) and MC Baba (Sweden) and traveling to New York, Sydney, London and Manchester. For Jojo, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The constant love and support he receives from his community and students only fuels the growing inspiration and passion for dance, leaving limitless possibilities for the future.