Kim Sato

Kim Sato feels extremely grateful that she has a long career as a professional street dance artist. She has been the winner of many all styles and locking battles including most recently the Groovemekanix 18th Anniversary (San Fransico), TUDS (Toronto), Sweet 16 (Seattle), Nothing but Flavor (New York), Vancouver Street Dance Festival, the Honour Roll, The Umoja Battle, and Last One Stands (Vancouver). Kim has had the pleasure of judging for many different all styles and locking battles and adjudicating formal stage competitions for street dance, contemporary, jazz and tap. Most recently Kim had the pleasure of judging the 3rd edition of ‘On Point’ a high level 1 vs. 1 locking battle in Montreal.

Receiving her first BC Arts Council project grant, Kim was thrilled to have the support to create a new piece on what it means to battle and also have the professional organization, New Works, present it. The new full-length piece titled “Into the Tao” explores a mix of taiko drumming with a scratch DJ and 8 street dance artists.

As a professional performer she has toured to China, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Europe and all over the US and Canada. Highlight credits include working with Heather Dotto on her co-created solo in Small Stages 35, Deanna Peter’s “Cut Away” which she is back in rehearsal for, touring to and performing in Europe with Uzume Taiko, playing “Al Star” in “Groovaloos” (LA), touring all around the US as a tap dancer in Rhythmatix and film and television work “The Possession” (as a choreographer), “Warrior’s Gate”, “Witches of Eastend”, “Further Adventures in Babysitting”, “Rags, “Hellcats”, “Spectacular”, “Kickin’ it Old Skool”, “Another Cinderella Story”, “Centre Stage 2”, and “The L Word”.

Kim has been teaching for over 22 years and is happy to be back at Simon Fraser University instructing FPA 120, a 3-credit course in Hip Hop and Funk styles dance.

As a director, Kim continues to lead Project Soul, a professional street dance collective that has been touring for 8 years through the Artstarts in Schools Program. And for the past 10 years, she has been the director and founder of the pre-professional, street dance training company, the SOULdiers Company, which she refers to as the “School of Hip hop”.

As an advocate for dance she is a board director for the DoWhatULuv Charitable Foundation, helping the organization bring after-school arts programs to underprivileged youth. She also sits on the board for the Streetrich Society, helping people find their creative potential through Hip Hop culture.

Kim hopes to keep challenging herself as an artist, educator, artistic director, choreographer, producer and dance advocate as long as she possibly can.