Miles Faber

Miles Faber was born in Toronto and raised in Calgary. Miles started his dancing at the age of 16 by hanging around the bboy community in Calgary. He continued to practice and learn from the more experienced bboys for many years. When the Electric Boogaloos (creators of popping) came to Calgary to teach a workshop, he was hooked. Since Miles’s 3rd place finish on CTV’s “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”, he has been working with artists around the country including: MC Hammer, Dirty Vegas, 2live crew, Amanda Morra, Circle Square, Kreesha Turner, Kim Davis, Blake McGrath and more! He has danced and starred in many movies including MTV’s “Turn the Beat Around”, Disney’s “Harriet the Spy”, TIFF festival opener “Score: a Hockey Musical”, and french film “Sur Le Rythme”. Miles has choreographed for many music videos, movies and corporate functions including Circle Square’s video “Dancers”, the hip hop in the just released movie “Score: A hockey Musical” and has done work for Harley Davidson. Aside from being a part of many shows across Canada and abroad, Miles now continues to work hard at furthering his learning in his own craft, as well as sharing his knowledge as a teacher around the world.