Richard O’Sullivan

Richard O’Sullivan is a multi-talented individual who has for several years has been involved in the creative arts field. He is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, actor and model. He studied various types dance i.e. jazz, ballet and hip-hop for a couple of years at Dance West. He also trained hip-hop and street jazz in Los Angeles. He currently teaches Hip-Hop and Street Jazz at several dance studios over the lower mainland, including Dance West, Dance Mode, Arts Umbrella and more. Richard played Ben in Rumble in the Bronx with Jackie Chang and also had a part on Like Mike 2 and Kicking It Old School dancing and acting. In addition, he has performed as a dancer for the feature film Scooby Doo 2, Harry Connick Jr video, Minolta commercial, Knocking on Heaven Door a drunk driving video, a t.v. show called 2Gether on Much Music and The Goodbye Girl. Richard has choreographed for t.v. Shows such as Romeo featuring Master P and Little Romeo, L Word, and Connection with M.C. Hammer. He has opened up for SWV and 98 Degrees and in addition he toured with Japanese singer Anri in Japan. As for local talent Richard has choreographed and performed for singers Corey Lee, Jade, Kiara Hunter, Monica from the New School, Aiden and Kyle. German artist named Sara for X-cell records is also a singer that Richard has choreographed and danced for. In addition to all of that he has also choreographed and performed for events such as Molson Indy Fashion Show, 1996-2000 Ski Show, Bootlegger Show, 1996 Show of Hearts Telethon, Jr. Black Achievement Awards; dancer /model, Dragon Boat Festival, Tommy Hilfiger Show and Polo show. Richard not only enjoys the performing side of the business but takes great pride and pleasure in seeing the pieces he choreographs come alive and expressed by the many individual he teaches or choreographs for.