Ryan Salzl

Ryan Salzl, born January 1st 1990 in Chilliwack BC, started dancing at the age of 10 years old and has not stopped since. Although his primary studio training was spent in Vancouver BC and the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, he traveled to both Toronto and Los Angeles to gain further training. After his dance training within the studio, he went on to start working right away in the commercial dance industry making appearances in such films as Nickelodeon’s “Spectacular”, Disney’s “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”, Maverick Film’s “Percy Jackson & The Olympians”, Nickelodeon’s “Rags” and most recently in Disney’s “Descendants!

Along with film work, he has also worked on several music videos and commercials as well as also performing in many live performances. Ryan now owns his own dance studio in his hometown, Chilliwack BC! Although he still finds time to train and audition, the studio has taught Ryan so much more about dancing itself and realizing that even though the film industry built his foundation as a professional dancer, teaching the younger generation and working on his own choreography has ignited a different kind of passion for dance and further more has allowed him to realize his utmost potential and impact our generation of dancers can have on the youth right below us!

Planning on getting back full swing into the film industry and training more intensely, he knows one thing… Dance will always be in his life as it has saved him in so many ways. He has been already been blessed during his dance career and is excited to experience more opportunities such as adjudicating, travelling to teach further and more!

Ryan has several motto’s that he preaches but his favorite one is “Just Do It”. He finds that it represents what is most important in anything you do in life, it strips dance for example of all of its frill and blinding bright lights it can have and simply puts it into plain perspective.

The opportunity is yours; take it and “Just Do It”.