Stefan Stewart

Stefan is originally from Nanaimo and trained at the National Ballet School in Toronto. After graduating, he began work as a professional Ballet dancer for the Stuttgart Ballet in Germany, before moving on to dance with the Ballets de Monte Carlo in Monaco. These companies afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top choreographers in a highly demanding environment.

Having danced and trained through several injuries (including 2 knee surgeries), he went on to seek the best care and practices in order to rehabilitate and regain his strength and high-level conditioning. He quickly found there is a large disparity between training in traditional disciplines and proper athletic training.

This led him to begin studying strength & conditioning and rehabilitation, which eventually brought him to BeFit Monaco, the elite body management facility founded by Michael Pellegrino.

He has learned from and worked alongside Europe’s top strength & conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, physiologists, as well as fat loss coaches in order to provide the best possible service for his clients.

He has trained clients from a wide variety of backgrounds: professional cycling, race car driving, jiu-jitsu, professional dance, as well as successful executives, business owners and general population clients.