Vanessa Young

Vanessa has been a performer for her entire life, and currently holds a Diploma in Dance and a Certificate in Performing Arts. In the past 7 years this 27 year old powerhouse has become a “Global Dance Citizen”, training and performing in Mexico, Europe, USA and Australia (where she produced her first large-scale show, “FEARLESS”).

Her performance credits include shows with The Chic-A-Boom Room, Nuvo, Canadian Showgirlz Dance Company, The Dolls, DivaGirl, Superfly Entertainment and more. Recently, you may have seen her in the online reality series Jaclife (Canwest) featured on

She has choreographed for such artists as Xavier Rudd, DJ Havana Brown, Chris Willis, T-Nile, The Midway State, and Addictiv, and has appeared in numerous music videos.

Vanessa is also the owner and creator of The Lovers Cabaret, a fusion styled dance company that creates shows honouring iconic musicians of our time. Their premiere season this past year was well received and critically acclaimed. Vancouver Weekly called it a “powerful work of art” with the “ability to create complex emotions through a beautiful lens.”