HardCore FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about HardCore

  • What is HardCore?

HardCore is a soloist only competition looking for the TOP DANCER in Urban, Contemporary and Classical categories. The top 3 dancers will freestyle to music selected by a live DJ to “Dance Off” for the title of Top Dancer. For more details check out rules and register starting September 1st!

  • Can I enter part of my solo even if I’m entering the finished version into CoreDance competitions in 2018?

Yes, you can enter part of a solo you will be competing with at CoreDance in 2018, have used at CoreDance in previous years or even freestyle.

  • Can I enter less than 1:00-1:30?

No, your dance MUST be at least 1:00 and no longer than 1:30. Times will be strictly enforced.

  • Can I pick my song for the Freestyle Portion?

No, the music will be chosen and played by a live DJ. The whole point is that it will be a surprise!

  • How long is the Freestyle Portion?

Each dancer will have 45 seconds to freestyle.