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Taken by TMMDance

Photos & Videos

TMMDance is the Official Media Provider for CoreDance Competitions. Since 2008, they have been providing professional dance video and photography coverage as well as online Video Adjudication. They are located in New Westminster, BC and specialize in producing exceptional dance media. Their team is made up of industry professionals who live and breathe media production.

Stunning Photography

All photographers are experienced professionals with a very high standard of excellence. They use top of the line cameras and lenses to achieve spectacular photos every time. Just check out some of the examples below. We’ve had raving feedback about them and are very happy that they come back to cover CoreDance year after year!

Go Green, Go Online

TMMDance is excited to be back for 2017 with their high-quality dance photos and videos. Keeping with CoreDance’s push toward going more green, TMMDance will be offering more digital delivery and will also be providing your Video Adjudication online! Going online means that you will be able to watch your Adjudication much faster than having to wait for a DVD in the mail!

Gorgeous Video

TMMDance has the best video in the industry. Their professional editing process ensures that the final cut of each dance is energetic and looks its best. Each dance number is edited by our staff and reviewed to ensure the best cut. We also add color and exposure adjustments where needed to optimize picture quality.

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TMMDance also provides exceptional Dance Recital coverage for a many different studios across Western Canada. They produce digital videos and complete DVD sets of your studios year end recital at the most competitive rates in the industry. They always have superior quality picture and sound with professional editing and only experienced camera operators.

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Instant Viewing

During the competition, the photos are ready for viewing in the lobby as soon as each dancer gets off the stage! Their friendly staff are there to help you with purchasing your high quality video and photos.

Easy Ordering System

Customers can order conveniently online, from the sales station that we setup in the theatre lobby, or over the telephone. We make online ordering super easy with a shopping-cart. Our sales staff are also very helpful at assisting customers if necessary.

Professional Audio

In addition to each dance’s performance music track, we record a direct audio line from the music track, as well as separate audio tracks for ambient theatre sound, tap dancing, and vocals. This allows us to create the best and most natural sounding audio mix, recreating the effect of actually being there.

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