Spotlight Interviews – Giving Back

Our community means everything to us here at CoreDance. We want to celebrate some shining stars that are giving back in different ways. 

Our first spotlight interview is an inspiring woman from Surrey, BC who shares a passion for family, friendship, and all things dance. Tajanna Harris decided at a young age that she needed to help people. What makes TJ even so inspiring to this blogger, is that her years of being a dancer and now a dance teacher have inspired her to choose a career in Behaviour Intervention. 

What is that? 

A Behaviour Interventionalist assists families with implementing individualized plan for children diagnosed with Autism. She works one on one with children and families in their homes to assists them in achieving different goals in communication and socialization. 

Why is she different? 

TJ takes the time to really get to know the families. She sees that all children are different and therefore don’t deserve cookie cutter solution. Having the opportunity to have a positive impact on these families is all the reward she ever hopes to get. She’s so honoured to be welcomed into someone’s home and to aid the incredible children she works with in advancing their capabilities to enhance their everyday lives. TJ believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life no matter what who they are.

“My favourite quote is inspired by my Grandmother’s favourite song “I Hope You Dance”. To me that simply means if you have the opportunity to explore something new take it. Don’t settle, reach for your full potential in all aspects of your life.” ~Tajanna Harris